About Us

We started in Queensland 26 years ago, with just the boss and one other staff member and just producing CV joints & Driveshafts.

As word spread that our product and service were second to none, we have kept expanding, not only our product range (by adding powersteering) but also our product knowledge. After 20 years of specialising, you build up a very comprehensive knowledge of not just the product, but also all the little problems that can spring up from one model of car to the next.

After 20 years, we are proud to say that the boss (Trevor) is still running the show and that the first team member to come on board all those years ago is also still with us.
When you phone us or drop in, you will find that each member of our team has specialised product knowledge in a particular area, so your questions will naturally be directed to the team member we feel can best help you.

We should apologise for the singing that can often be heard from the front counter, and for the wierd fashion parades that have been known to take place in the workshop when a team member finds a new interesting outfit in the ragbag, but…. we wont. When you spend all day making sure each item you’re building meets our exacting quality control, you need to let loose occasionally.

We would also like to share a few photos with you of our team on their latest ‘Bond & De-stress Day’ at the Golf Course.

We look forward to being of service to you…

Trevor & Team